Rags, Riches, Retirement

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“Rags, Riches, Retirement”

Dear Friend,

The BIG DAY is finally here.

This morning I popped out of bed, filled with excitement. I couldn’t wait to sit before my desk, communicating the message I have for you as it pours through my head and out my hands. Such is the way it’s always been for me when I write something that I’m passionate about.

It’s how I’ve written my emails for the past 20 years. It’s how I’ve written my books. And it’s how I wrote each and every issue in a series of Internet marketing and Info-publishing newsletters that, until today, have been jealously guarded secrets by the men and women I helped coach from rags to riches.

Even so and even though today is the BIG DAY – just to make sure I’m firing on all cylinders, I began my morning with a series of deep breathing exercises (chi kung) that I have used for years before I write anything deemed important.

A Secret You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

The above is one of those secrets you will not get from other writers, copywriters and marketers – and it’s probably one of the main reasons so many claim they can feel a powerful vibration in much of what I choose to write.

Working directly with the FORCE is one of those secrets I learned from Chinese internal martial artists many years ago – and I’ve made it part of anything worthwhile I’m planning on doing. To wit: NEVER do anything creative without infusing your body/mind with the FORCE that gives LIFE to all of creation – including the words you use to carve out the life you wish to live.

So this morning, I walked outside my home, took a deep penetrating look into the forest surrounding me and began to pull the marrow of life into my cells. Within moments a coffee-less BUZZ permeated my bones. And when this BUZZ was unmistakable, when electricity poured off me, I knew that TODAY was not only the BIG DAY. It was TIME to lay it all on the line for you.

And so, here is my message for you today:

Over the course of three years, when I was at the PEAK of my game in the Internet Marketing world – when I was not yet semi-retired, I wrote a series of riveting newsletters and special reports that a very select and elect audience paid $97 per month for. These people wanted the “Zen Master’s” wisdom on what I did to make a veritable and verifiable fortune, starting from a shoestring budget – from a spare bedroom in a shag carpet condo.

In the early days, before I wrote a single newsletter on my procedures, I sat on a card table chair typing on an iMac. That was back in 1999.

Not only did I sit on a card table chair to write, but the “desk” I used was… a card table. We’re talking mega cheap office equipment, aren’t we?

As I wrote each day, the weight of that bluish iMac pressed through the card table. It sunk so deep I was fortunate it never broke through the cardboard.

The “simple” guy who punched out letters on his keyboard had a BREAKTHROUGH. He went from a state some call “drowning in debt” to a wide open country where he was “swimming in money.”

For the first time in his life, he was in financial flow. His income steadily increased and his bills were reduced to none.

That guy knew he’d undergone a financial and emotional transformation, when he realized his buying behavior was unlike anything he’d ever done before.

On that particular day, when he was shopping for clothes, instead of looking for the price to determine what he would buy, he grabbed what he wanted to buy and took it to the cashier. It wasn’t UNTIL he heard the cashier give the total that he understood the price he was required to pay. Without zero hesitation on his part, he took out his wallet and completed the purchase.

An uncanny experience!

Never before in this man’s life did he make a decision to buy something first and look at the price later. It was shocking to him at first, and then it became a more common occurrence.

Over the next several years, this simple guy flew everywhere first class. He wore fancy silk clothes that were tailored in the Taoist fashion in China (longish sleeves rolled back to hide the hands). He collected jewelry, too, – and when he gave seminars and hosted his MasterMind groups, he played the part of “Zen Master” to the hilt.

Then one day, this same man took a deep breath and said “enough.” He walked away from it. He stopped writing his Internet marketing newsletters. He stopped doing info-publishing seminars. He eliminated almost all of his coaching – opting to work almost exclusively in a private, one-to-one manner.

Instead of work, work, work – he spent time with his ailing mother who was deteriorating with the dreaded Alzheimer disease. He donated to charities in China, helping build three schools in poor areas where children didn’t have shoes or clean drinking water. He sat around reading, working with his children and living in the present in a way he’d never done before.

He showed little interest in speaking at seminars and created fewer products than ever before. In a modern day sense, this man climbed a remote mountain, found a comfy spot in a cave and began to merge more deeply with the spiritual side of life.

Several years went by. People were left to wonder, what happened? The man didn’t care.

He went back to wearing ordinary clothes as he lived a much simpler life. And all was well.

Then one day, the man returned to his abode, walked through his office and began to look at his past with a new set of eyes. He noticed a series of newsletters and special reports he had written.

“What are these?” he wondered. He literally didn’t know without taking them out and reading.

As he read, the man noted that although he was no longer the same person who wrote these reports – he DID write them, and they DID help lift those who read them to a better life. The reports played a HUGE role in helping other wannabe info publishers and entrepreneurs improve their lives for the better.

He helped men and women retire from one profession or job, wherein they had almost no time or freedom, to find peace of mind, happiness and a whole lot of money in something else.

He helped M.D.’s go from seeing patients all day to becoming household names in their niches. He helped attorneys, recent college grads, I.T. superstars and fitness fanatics.

He helped people write their first books, create their first websites, write their first emails and make their first dollar. He even helped a good many of them make their first million. Others made several million per year.

One man, Jim, was pulled out of a dead-beat advertising job and given a vision to see the entire world as his oyster. Within five years Jim went from making $100,000 per year (nothing to take for granted) to making tens of millions.

Yes, the wisdom contained in these reports and newsletters over-delivered on the $97 per month price tag assigned to them. And the reality is these issues contain timeless, true and classic information that transforms lives.


These newsletters and reports contain the ESSENCE of SUCCESS, and the timelessness of 98% of what I wrote, will always be ESSENTIAL to anyone who wants to rise from the ashes, to pull himself or herself out of the cesspool known as poverty.

And this is why this man, this so called “Zen Master” is so excited.

This is why, for a very limited time, you can finally get your hands on a series of the 12 best special reports/newsletters ever created on the subject of Internet marketing and Info Publishing.

Again, each of the newsletters were originally written for an exclusive group who gladly shelled out $97 per month for the information.

Many men and women who studied these reports – and most importantly – ACTED ON the know-how explained within, made fortunes for themselves and their families. Sadly, some people who read these reports didn’t ACT – and their life remained very much the same.

And that’s life.

Some people say they want the good life and back it up with decisive forward movement. Others say they want it – but they’re still looking for someone to get them out of bed in the morning.

I don’t know which person you are. It is my hope that you’re the type who will ACT upon the information in these reports, but as you know, Zen Master or not, I have no control over what you do. All I can do is provide the information I have seen work with my own eyes, ears and hands.

You may not like hearing this, but I cannot guarantee your success if you read these reports. No one can. That’s why anyone who claims he can guarantee your success is either lying or being deliberately deceitful.

Yes, I believe the information I have for you can greatly increase the odds of your success. But guarantee? No.

Back to Reality

When I recently “came back to reality” and went through these reports, I literally couldn’t believe what I was reading. The information was not only riveting, it laid one secret after another out in the open for your hungry eyes to feast on.

As I read, over and over I was unconsciously saying to myself, “Who the hell wrote this? This is unreal.”

That’s the type of inner dialogue that takes place when you read something that was penned with fearless flow, when you’re not concerned with other peoples’ opinions, when you just want to tell the truth that no one else is revealing so that you can help pull others up the ladder of success along with you.


They do far more than tell the story of how I went from being in major debt to “living the dream.” These writings also point you in the direction of how you can retire {or semi-retire at a young age.

Now, before I give you the details on how you can get these reports for a fraction of what they went for, I want to relay a story that took place some months ago.

Twas during the Super Bowl that I presented a local friend and client with a binder containing 12 of my very, very best newsletters. On the cover of the binder were the words: How I Went from Rags to Riches on the Internet.

“This if for you,” I said. “Devour the information and you might be joining me in semi-retirement someday soon.”


I fully expected the man to put my gift to the side so we could watch the game. After all, he invited himself over with that purpose in mind. But something inside the binder compelled him to sit in a chair and begin reading. Let me tell you, this guy didn’t put the information down until the game ended and I told him I was going to bed. He missed the entire game because he was busily feasting on the information contained within the binder.

When you write something good enough to keep a grown man away from the Super Bowl, you’ve accomplished something. That sort of thing just doesn’t happen every single day. And it’s why I finally decided to release my 12 best newsletters for YOU to read while others are “busy” watching tee-vee.

Okay, how much?

My answer to your question may shock you.

Although I’d be very justified in charging you $1,000.00 for the 12 best issues that make up the heart and soul of How I Went from Rags to Riches on the Internet, I’m going to do better than that. In fact, I’m going to do better than HALF that amount. Yes, you heard that right. The amount I’m asking for these reports won’t even run you $500.00, even though they probably “should.”

So here’s my offer:

Be one of the first 100 people to place your order TO-DAY, and you can own the entire “best of” series on How I Went from Rags to Riches on the Internet for the ridiculously low amount of $249.00 plus S&H.

[Yes, these will be shipped to you. This is NOT a digitally delivered product.]

After today – or the first 100 orders, whichever comes first, the amount will go up by $50 to $100, or more. And then, this offer will disappear in short order.

So make sure you’re first in line, my friend. Jump on this NOW and perhaps you’ll be writing me in the future to tell me your very own rags to riches to retirement story.

When you write me though, make sure your retirement is recreational, wherein you’re doing the things you love to do with the people you truly love.

It’s a great way to live.

Be it. Do It. Live it.
Matt Furey




P.S. The first 50 people who order will also receive a free copy of the book, My First Million. Talk about a fire-starter. That book will get you going. I suggest you keep it near your toilet as some of what I wrote and the way I wrote it, may cause loose stools. Hehe.

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